Huge pizza baked at thOblastnoy Market in Gromova street to celebrate the Cook Day

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A huge ten meter long pizza was baked at the Oblastnoy Market on October, 20 as part of celebration of the International Cook Day. The huge pizza became a certain symbol of professional achievements of the cookery community of Yekaterinburg and delicious food for the guests of the market.

Several cooks took part in the event at one and the same time. The pizza was baked in special ovens. The baking started early in the morning. Thus, the first portions had already been made by 6 am. It is worth saying that though pizzas are usually round, this huge pizza was rectangular, which is more typical for home-made pizzas.

Along with this event, some cookery workshops took place. The leading chefs of the city presented their unusual recipes for chicken, beef, fish and apple pie. Such chefs as Edouard Yuferev, the Solomon restaurant, sous chef Rustam Tsimfer, Dolce Vita, and pastry chef Igor Chirkov, a multiple winner of the International Culinary Show EvrAzia. Viktor Belyayev, president of the Association of the Cooks of Russia, was a special guest of the event who came here fromMoscow specially to share his cookery secrets.

The Milky Whale Company provided its delicious dairy products for this event. All its products are made from the best natural primary products from the best farms of the Sverdlovsk region with adherence to classical production technologies which preserve their useful properties and vitamins. Delicious fresh milk, cultured milk beverages, tender sour cream, curds and butter are wonderful products for any cook and excellent ingredients for pastry.

Tasting of the Three cows, two cats™ and Polyanka™ new products, as well as bestselling products of the Company was organized within the framework of the event. The Company did not forget about children offering sweet delicacies, chocolate covered curd cheese bars Little Whale.

“The food was very popular among the visitors of the market inGromova street. Though it took several hours to bake the pizza, it took just a few minutes to eat it all. I am very happy that everybody liked this giant”, Alexander Khudyakov, director of the Oblastnoy market said.


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