Acknowledgement of the Customer

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     A very pleasant event for the Milky Whale Company occurred on October, 13 in Nizhny Tagil. A customer of the Megamart shop brought her letter for the Company in acknowledgement of its product Acidophilin.

 Here is the text of the letter:


“Polevskoy town, Town Milk Plant.

      In 1986 I fell ill. I became very skinny with green complexion and was taken to hospital as I got the gut disbacteriosis. But even on leaving the hospital I didn’t feel better. And once one lady at the pharmacy told me that acidophilin would help me. I searched for it all over Tagil, but alas, couldn’t find it anywhere. I went to Sverdlovsk to the Milk Plant and got acidophilin starter, and so I made it myself at home. And I got better, gained my former condition. Recently it has become possible to find it in Tagil, but it is sweet. But sugar gives only taste, it doesn’t have any therapeutic effect.

And now, all of a sudden, Polevskoy launched a new acidophilin product which is NOT SWEET and now I buy it all the time. It is good for health, especially for kids.

Wishing you success!”

      We, in our turn, would like to express our gratitude to you. We are glad that our product, though launched only two months ago, has already attracted attention of our customers and is useful. We work for you! Be healthy!