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     The Milky Whale Company practically turned traditional kvass market upside down in summer 2012 by launching its new product, Kamyshlovsky Kvass, in the ECOLEAN package.

     According to the representatives of the ECOLEAN Company (Helsingborg, Sweden), this was done for the first time ever and proved to be very successful as an idea, as this new approach to packaging allows making the process of traditional kvass drinking more comfortable for the customers (as opposed to traditional FINPAK package). The package also allows preserving kvass in good condition for a longer period of time.

    The ECOLEAN package is a patent invention widely known in many countries all over the world (Europe,Russia, UAE,China, etc.). It is made from chalk and polymers. Chalk shows excellent decay features, thus the package have exceptional environmental properties being ecologically clean. Besides, the package is very thin and lightweight. It has a comfortable air-filled handle and a tip that prevents air penetration into the product once it is opened, which maintains its freshness for a longer period of time.

    Nowadays, a wide range of kvass and kvass beverages packed in film and plastic with different periods of shelf life can be found on the market. Kamyshlovsky Kvass is a wholly natural product made by the natural grain fermentation. Water used for its production is taken from an artesian well and undergoes 4-stage cleaning. The beverage is characterized by noble saturated deep colour and taste, fantastic aroma of a true Russian beverage chosen by so many people as a favorite one.

    The Kamyshlovsky Kvass won the First Prize for its quality – a gold medal and diploma “Novelty of the Year” – at the annual exhibition “Agroforum-2012” held in Yekaterinburg (September 4-6).