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     ACIDOPHILIN, a traditional dietary fermented milk beverage. It is produced from milk soured with acidophilic bacteria and kefir corns. It is of gummy body and has light spicy taste. Its name comes from Latin acidus (sour) and Greek φιλέω (I like).

     For more than 100 years acidophilin is considered to be an excellent and healthy product. In 1903 I.Podgaetsky, general practitioner from St.Petersburg, obtained lactic-acid acidophilic bacterium which proved to be an excellent healer of the human body.

     I.Mechnikov, a Nobel Prize Winner, suggested consuming acidophilin for killing harmful enteric bacterium. It is still widely used as part of nutritional and diet therapy.

     Acidophilic bacterium has a wide prophylactic and germicidal effect. It survives better in the bowels, drives out harmful germs and suppresses pathogenic processes. Becoming a permanent element of the human intestines, it improves gut microflora, which is very important for our digestion and, consequently, for our health. Acidophilin is especially useful when taking antibiotics.

     Regular consumption of this product helps relieve the discomfort in the bowels, improve general well-being and reinforce the immune system.

It is considered to be an excellent youth prolongation product. Due to natural presence of the vitamin B complex, acidophilin helps normalize nervous system and reduce the amount of stress.

     Polyanka™ offers acidophilin made in accordance with traditional recipes. Natural flavour: tender beverage with mild taste. Strawberry: excellent product combining tenderness of acidophilin and taste of juicy strawberries.