Sverdlovsk region gets in top-5 milk producers

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     The Sverdlovsk region has become one of the 5 regions best in milk production growth over the 8 months of the current year.  Such data have been recently announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, in Moscow, at the panel devoted to the Russia’s Agriculture Development Government Program. 

    The other four out of top-5 regions in this performance are: the Rostovand the Voronezhregions, the Republics of Dagestan and Bashkiria. In the meanwhile, our neighbors –Tyumen and Chelyabinsk– turned out to be among the 5 Russian regions that have decreased milk production the most.  That was likely to happen due to the dry summer. 

    “We have increased milk yield by 32.3 thousand tons this summer comparing to last summer. Russia’s average milk production performance has grown by 3.2 percent, while ours, by 8.8 percent”,  Mikhail Kopytov, Minister of AIC and Food of the Sverdlovsk region has told.

     Today, our region numbers 198 farm businesses that produce milk. 311.7 thousand tons have been produced over the period from January to June 2012, which is 8.8 percent more than the performance over the same period last year. In other words, our region produces 60-70 tons of milk more daily than it did in 2011.

     The Bogdanovich and Polevskoy milk plants being part of the Milky Whale Company, have shown sales gain as whole-milk producers: 6% (the Bogdanovich milk plant) and 20% (the Polevskoy milk plant). New products have entered the market: premium dairy products “Three cows, two cats” in ecologically clean and comfortable ECOLEAN package. These products have quickly gained confidence and love of the customers. The customers are still buying actively diary products Polyanka™. The Milky Whale Company has launched the following new Polyanka products this year: Derevensky curds (traditional cottage cheese); Acidophilin, a unique healthy dairy product; 1% kefir (traditional fermented dairy) in the PUR-PAK package. New kinds of products are developed and produced on a regular basis.

     The Company is solely oriented to the production of natural short-term shelf life food products. Short-term shelf life allows preserving all the vitamins and microelements, which guarantees their health utility. The Company supports local farmers by procuring only local primary products. All the plants are located in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg, which allows delivering only fresh dairy products to the shops.


(the article is written on the basis of materials taken from,

statistics of the Sverdlovsk Region Ministry of Agriculture)